Hello MediaKits family! Calling all athletes, musicians, content creators, and alike! We are making sure you are setup for media kit success so you can land that partnership, brand deal, or just showcase yourself in the best way possible online.

Creators like Josh RichardsJason KennedyKevin HarringtonQias Omar, and so many more have been using their media kit to easily showcase their highlights and statistics. Below are some tips to optimize yourself best online. 

And of course, if you haven’t yet created your own media kit, make sure you do: www.mediakits.com. And send us your media kit so we can see how you’re utilizing it.
1. Let’s talk about finding your niche. Whether you’ve been on social media for years or just getting started, having a clear vision of how you want to present yourself online can help your audience know what to expect when they are viewing your profile. Reflect on what’s important to you and how you want to best position yourself in the marketplace; whether that be for your personal brand, business or even a personal page. 

2. When it comes to actually landing a brand deal, it’s truly exciting to have a brand want to collaborate. Although, if the brand doesn’t represent how you want to position yourself in the marketplace, it’s probably a good sign that brand is not a fit. Focus on building with brands that align with what you believe in. If you wouldn’t use or promote this brand organically, then don’t. 

3. Being authentic online is one of the best ways to build credibility. With so many people online sharing exponential amounts of information, you need to be you. Being yourself online and really having fun with the platform in which your engaging is the best way to capture an audience. 

4. There are so many social channels and in today’s creator space, being on one platform is just not enough if you want to capture a massive audience. For example, being active on TikTok can help you transition some of that audience to Instagram and vise versa. If your focus is to really influence then you need to focus on more than one platform. Maximize your potential.
 5. Consistency is key. I know you’ve heard this many times perform but it really works. The person that can out work you will always win. This is the same for posting. Of course, stay away from spamming your audience with content but if you stay consistent with what you are doing, within time you will see that exponential growth. 

These are just some of our best practices for maximizing your potential as a creator. And with more creators in the world today than ever before, it’s important to be authentic and stay consistent. 

If you have any of your own best practices, we’d love to hear from you and share on our Instagram to help other creators. Just respond to this email with your best practices!
 If you still haven’t created your media kit, you can do so here.  Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to growing together! 

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