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"MediaKits has saved us on so much back and forth when requiring Creator analytics. Their solutions have allowed us to work with existing brand partners on a more frequent basis, and have removed the element of Creators having to submit analytics to the agency. Having all Creator analytics in one place allows us to provide an always-up-to-date talent roster"

Thomas Johnston
Agency Owner

"MediaKits has elevated our ability to analyze and share the most up-to-date metrics on our artists in real time. The intuitive and user-friendly interface has already saved us so many valuable hours previously spent gathering this information manually. It not only provides a wholistic snapshot of our artist's social media footprints but also allows us to share this with internal and external stakeholders in a visually appealing way."

Alexis Nixon
Guin Records

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Customizable master dashboard
updated in real time
Campaign-specific sharing

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Roster Management

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Customize your analytics dashboard

"The white-label feature makes it easy to showcase our talent roster in a clean & professional way"
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Tara Greene
Agency Owner

Real time data

No more screenshots

Real, API driven data directly from your talent's profiles

Updated daily

Showcase your cross-organization data

"I love that I can show our reach across our entire talent roster"
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Tara Greene

Easy sharing

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"I love customizing my media kit and showcasing my recent brand sponsorships"
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Tara Greene


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Group talent into cohorts

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"The cohorts feature is a life-saver, now I can share a custom proposal with brands using my talent's actual media kits"
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Tara Greene

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frequently asked questions

Do you store my passwords?

No, your passwords are never entered into, all connections are done securely through the 1st party authentication window of each platform.

Do you sell my data?

We do not, MediaKits is a creator-first company. We do not sell user data to brands or 3rd party data companies.

How do you calculate engagement rate?

We divide the avg engagement count per post by total followers on that platform to get the Average Engagement Rate.

Will MediaKits help me land brand deals?

Owning a media kit gives you control over your brand, saves you time by automating updates, and increases client confidence by showcasing your audience and experience with verified data.

How often is my media kit updated?

Media kits are updated weekly for free users. Media kits are updated daily for PRO Users and enterprise users.

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